Holy High Five, Jesus!

I started to feel like I wasn’t saying “thank you” enough to God, and to Christ, for the atonement.

Also for the Gift of the Holy Spirit. I just wanted to feel like saying “THANKS!” as much as I felt thankful.

So, I decided to begin “high-five-ing” towards Christ.

I know it is silly, but it is my way of saying “Thank You, Jesus for all of the incredible blessings that my life has been graced with since my baptism.”

So, in the phrasing borrowed from the comics, but meant in full gratitude and love for my Savior; “Holy high-five, Jesus!!!”



I will continue to raise my hand, in a thank you, I may say it out loud, or I may just silently reach, in gratitude for my savior’s love. It all means the same.

His Holy Love and Lighte to ALL! Praise God of Israel! Praise His Holy Son!!! Holy high-five to all!!! 🙂

Maggie and the Missionaries

“Those Tender Kind Souls Who Would Have LIKED Preached His Gospel to Me and Those I Finally Listened To”

I have rarely admitted to anyone the long road it has taken me to get to a point where I invited missionaries into a house in which I resided.

Image from: https://i0.wp.com/www.mormonwiki.com/wiki/images/c/c8/Missionaries-elders-mormon.jpgIn fact, I don’t believe I ever did; until I personally ASKED them to come to my current location.

Before being introduced to the idea of The Church, (then it took me another 3 years to soften my heart towards the Book of Mormon, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), I rarely even opened my door when tracking pairs came knocking.

When I did, I was MUCH less than polite, let alone hospitable.

If anyone had told me then, that I would now delight in the company of Missionaries, being overjoyed when I had the opportunity to invite them to join me for a meal; I would have called them a liar. Not a chance!!

I never listened long enough to hear their messages, until it was the right time for me. AND the right Missionaries.

During the past three years, I have often stayed in the homes of friends who were both inactive and active members of The Church. On many occasions, they have invited Missionaries to visit while I was present.

Even in the month before my baptism, only weeks before I downloaded the Book of Mormon and began reading it; when the Elders appeared at the door, I ran to my room and hid.

It was only last February when came to the point that I found myself HIDING from the Missionaries!

I had no idea why. But God KNOWS His children. He knew me better than I knew myself.

After 46 years of being treated in a certain way by the male gender, and having had NO exposure to righteous priesthood holders; I didn’t have a clue as to what to feel around them. They were just men. Right?

There is no such thing as coincidence, happenstance or kismet. Call it “fate” or by any other name you wish, but it is ALL part of God’s Divine Plan. Everything.

Photo of Sisters Johnson & Lloyd
Sisters Johnson & Lloyd

When I experienced my personal revelation on 6 March 2013 and requested that Missionaries be sent to my home to teach me; I didn’t even KNOW Sister Missionaries EXISTED!!!!

Before I met Sisters Lloyd & Johnson, I hadn’t even formulated the idea that Sisters COULD be Missionaries. I had never seen any, it had never even crossed my mind. “Strangely enough” (#HolyHighFive), my area had very recently been assigned their first Sister Missionary pair!

When the Sisters placed my first “hard copy” of The Book of Mormon into my hands; I felt my spiritual eyes open.

In their presence, I was finally able to relax and feel the Comforter, The Holy Spirit, and KNOW what that feeling WAS!!!  I wanted Sisters Johnson and Lloyd to tarry forever.

The very next day, they were impressed to introduce me to a woman who would become my guide and angel through my baptism and new member period of time; as well as a friend for life.

All three of them guided my fellowship and friendships with prayer and listening to promptings of the Holy Spirit. That day they guided my tour through the Ward Meeting House. I felt at home for the first time in my life in the company of three Sisters.

When they asked me about baptism (it felt like forever, but it was probably only days after they met me); I was over-anxious. They mentioned the 30th of March, and I reluctantly agreed. In retrospect, they probably thought I was being hesitant, but I wanted it to happen sooner. I just knew that wasn’t my baptismal date.

Sure enough, a few days later, they asked me if I wanted to get baptized a week sooner; on the 23rd. I was elated, and agreed. God had heard my unstated prayer.

When my lessons came to the daily preparation for my baptism, I never wanted them to end. Much the same way I felt about my new member lessons, in the home of a wonderful Ward Missionary family; I felt the Spirit so strongly I never wanted the lessons to be over.

Photo of Margaret Slighte between Sisters Lloyd & Johnson at her baptism 23 March 2013
Sisters Lloyd, Slighte & Johnson
23 March 2013


It is wonderful, now, to be in the presence of returned, current and future Missionaries. I now delight in the Light of the Holy Spirit that surrounds them.

Thanks to a few pairs of Sisters who have been VERY instructive and loving, I am learning about Missionaries. Sisters Lloyd & Johnson have moved on to other areas, and I had the blessing to meet Sisters Frandsen and Langi; wonderful young women.  I love each and every one of the Missionaries.

Seattle, Washington Temple
Seattle, Washington Temple

I feel the excitement of the Second Coming when I am around them.

With the Missionaries, I feel the JOY of knowledge; The GLORY of the Testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, God!!!

I anxiously await a time, in the future, when I might be graced to serve a mission. But I really would like to share that experience with my future Eternal Companion. I do hope he is up for it! 🙂

Holy Love and Lighte to all!!! Holy High-Five, Jesus, I am SO thankful for all of the blessings!

Slightely Mormon

This is “SLIGHTE-ly” as in MY journey…not “slightly” as in “kinda” or “just a bit”…  Everything I do, I do “SLIGHTE-ly”.  I have never done anything any other way, but mine.  So, when I converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I of course, did it “my way.”

When it came time to name the blog where I would be publishing my testimony, it seemed fitting, and punny to name it Slightely Mormon.Seattle Temple

Here is a bit of an explanation for those who would like one: this blog will be about my journey through the scriptures and my transformation to the righteous person, the Latter-Day Saint I long to be.

It has involved a lot of change on my part, so far, even before my baptism and receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit  in March 2013.

This blog is where I will publish my testimonies. Those stories that I would like to share with all about my spiritual journey and the manner in which it happened.

Stay tuned…it has been incredible thus far (on this side), I can only imagine what is ahead!

Praying for Christ’s Holy Love and Lighte to surround  everyone!!!