The Christmas Basket

The Christmas Basket

It’s been three years now, since this little basket found its way to my front door.

I was new in town and new in a Church Ward Family.

I was also new to being housed.

After having lived in my car and by other means, not under a roof of my own, for 7.5 years, I had only had my apartment for a couple of months.

One day in December, this basket with its neatly tied red ribbon landed at my door.

It was full of fruit and healthy goodies that I couldn’t eat.
I was happy that I had the basket of healthy snacks for my granddaughters when they visited though. I got caught up in the busyness of the holidays and although the basket stayed on my kitchen table, I didn’t investigate it further for a few months.

I felt incredibly guilty. I failed to express my gratitude.

But to be truthful, I was overwhelmed by my social anxiety.

I looked up on my church tools app a few months later and realized they were in my Ward.

Still, I kept quiet. Now feeling guilty I hadn’t thanked them during the Christmas season.

This last year, I’ve gotten to know the Cornelisons a little more.

Jared Cornelison, was the orthopedic specialist I was referred to after falling and reinjuring my right arm, twice.

Then, his lovely wife gave the first talk when our church came into the age of digital worship.

As I sit and write this, I realize that the Cornelisons don’t really know me any more than they did 3 years ago (aside from a masked doctor visit), but I surely do appreciate them more now that I realize who this incredibly generous and Christlike family is.

Thank you, Cornelisons, for the basket of goodies and please forgive me for taking so long to say “thank you.”

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