Done With the Pun: A New Name

I warned you! I tried to at least. I said last week that I will be writing MORE this year, and here I am!

Last year, when President Nelson made the announcement that members of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, would no longer be willingly known as “Mormons,” I felt confused and frustrated. I liked the name of my testimony blog and I didn’t think I would change it.

Something didn’t feel right about keeping the name. I can only trace it to my desire to follow our Prophet.


After many many prayers, much consideration and even a post about a possible contest, I have decided to change the name of this blog to “Sister Maggie.” This site will be reachable by the URL “” through 2019, but the URL “” has been purchased and they both redirect both to the same place.

Why “Sister Maggie?” The difficult alliteration of my last name “Slighte” in combination with the prefix “Sister” has frustrated me since my Baptism in 2013. I have longed for a return to the days of “Brother Joseph” and “Sister Emma,” so I decided to rename my site with that in mind.

I am “Sister Maggie” and this is my Testimony.

I am a faithful and devoted member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love my Ward Family here in Olympia, Washington and it is my greatest privilege to be able to share my love of my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit with all of you.

I hope the Love of Jesus Christ fills your life and your soul.


4 thoughts on “Done With the Pun: A New Name

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  1. Sister Maggie, Love, love your blog. I would like to talk to you about being a guest blogger on my website. You shared my strong testimony from “Is He Nuts? Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ,” on your Facebook page. Foreword by Al Carraway. Shoot me a message and I’ll send you my phone number and we can chat if you’re interested. #TurnUpTheLove ~ Love & Hugs, Dennis


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