“My” Prophet: Thomas Spencer Monson

It was in February 2013 when I attended a potluck at a Stake Center and felt the Spirit. After that, I started doing my genealogy and eventually phoned to ask Missionaries to visit and teach me. I was Baptized on March 22, 2013.

President Thomas S. Monson from LDS.org


I attended church on March 23, 2013, and during the service was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I attended Sacrament service the following Sunday, March 31st as well. Then, April 6th and 7th came along and I went to the chapel to watch several hours of talks. That is when I first heard President Thomas S. Monson speak live.

I never did meet him in person. I never shook his hand like I have Elder L. Tom Perry or Elder Foster. That did not matter. I felt his presence through the screen. A warm feeling came when I thought of him. I felt he was definitely called by God for the position in which he served.

During the last six months, I have been downloading and listening to several of President Monson’s talks. From before he was called as the Prophet, back when he was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve and up through his last talk given just this past April.

One theme so prevalent in President Monson’s talks was service. As his biography states, he was forever on the Lord’s Errand. Another theme woven through many of his speeches was his love for his dear wife, Frances. She was the love of his life, his advisor, and friend.

preview.jpgIt is Frances who I thought of when I heard of President Monson’s “graduation” to the other side. I remembered how broken he looked right after his dear beloved wife passed away. He just hadn’t been the same since. I reflected my feelings in a post I made on social media, “Heaven got a little happier tonight.”

I am so thankful that President Monson was “my” Prophet. I’m thankful that he is the one with his tender laugh and wiggling ears, who taught me what a Prophet of God is.

Thank you, President Monson, for your service. See you on the other side. Until then, give all of our love to Frances. We look forward to seeing you together on the other side of the veil.

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