Author Update

This last month has been very eventful.
Four days after submitting my testimony to MiddleAged Mormon Man’s International Hug A Convert Day, and exactly two weeks after I had been to the Seattle Temple to receive my Endowment; I fell 10 feet onto my back off of an attic ladder.
I broke my back. I received a Priesthood Blessing while the medics were putting me in the ambulance. Then I was hospitalized for 4 days.
I currently am home & recovering. I have a compression fracture of T-11, but I will recover completely.
I am aware that I have a new group of readers from MiddleAged Mormon Man, and I welcome any comments.
The site is undergoing some changes as soon as I have internet access & the ability to sit at a computer (laying & standing are my only comfortable positions currently). For now, the essays are intermingled with scripture memes.
I pray that everyone invites the love & Lighte of Jesus Christ into their lives today!


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  1. Hi Maggie, your Grandmother and my Mom were cousins, my grandmother and your great grandmother were sisters. I am trying to reach your dad, are you still in contact with him. I think he is now living in Issaquah or North Bend.


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