Holy High Five, Jesus!

I started to feel like I wasn’t saying “thank you” enough to God, and to Christ, for the atonement.

Also for the Gift of the Holy Spirit. I just wanted to feel like saying “THANKS!” as much as I felt thankful.

So, I decided to begin “high-five-ing” towards Christ.

I know it is silly, but it is my way of saying “Thank You, Jesus for all of the incredible blessings that my life has been graced with since my baptism.”

So, in the phrasing borrowed from the comics, but meant in full gratitude and love for my Savior; “Holy high-five, Jesus!!!”



I will continue to raise my hand, in a thank you, I may say it out loud, or I may just silently reach, in gratitude for my savior’s love. It all means the same.

His Holy Love and Lighte to ALL! Praise God of Israel! Praise His Holy Son!!! Holy high-five to all!!! 🙂

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